Currently on the walls at Tiesenhausen Collectors Club: 
Large scale abstract oil paintings by Jamaican born artist Tony Daley.
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Artist statement by Tony Daley:

"As a painter/person living in the 'here and now' I am deeply welded intellectually and creatively to the nature of existence itself. Of genesis through to life, birth, death, and rebirth therefrom.

Like the nature of life itself, I allow my paintings to emerge out of a kind of primordial super soup starting state, where the ingredients in my earthly soup pot are my attachments to the history of painting; the seemingly limitless potential of painting materials to mingle with the painter's instincts and painterly acts to create wonder and awe on the canvas.

The act of painting for me is my attachment and response to being alive and being grateful for the power of consciousness and creativity.

My paintings do not set out to illustrate but are reverence to the sheer power of transcendence of that small part of the wholeness of reality, of coloured dirt laid down on cotton to transcend itself through the act of painting to where, as an artist, I lay in wait for that moment when a single act of laying down that final single brushstroke that may act to bring a whole picture to life just like the painterly equivalent of quantum weirdness and beauty truth."