Tiesenhausen Collectors Club
Art collectors club in Notting Hill, London.
Representing a variety of internationally well-established artists.
Currently on the walls: 
Large abstract oil paintings by Jamaican born artist Tony Daley. 

Please contact for further information and inquiries:
UK +44 74 66 511 681

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Join the Club's private mailing list to receive insights into the art world. Like Tony's comment on what makes his practice unique: "This is a question I hope I can never answer because I would never ask myself this question at any stage in my practice and my work never appears to ask it of me... I can only aspire that my work is ultimately visually and emotionally engaging. I work from one painting to the next in the pursuit of discovery, beauty, and wonderment. There is always a starting point, from where each painting or group of paintings grows, but that starting point is born of the ending of the works that had started, developed, and ended. Themes and issues may or may not emerge and attach themselves to the paintings in the pursuit of perfection. Where the notion of perfection is as tenuous and remains constantly in a high state of flux as much as the materials of which the picture is made."